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News from the world of e-commerce – th...

The next installment of our news from the world of e-commerce is here! Do you know what trends are currently driving the world of e-commerce in Europe? Do you want an overview of the most interesting movements on the market, investments or news in logistics? We agree that having information about the current situation in the field of e-commerce is exceptionally important, which is why we are bringing you the second part of our regular blogs about news in e-commerce. You can look forward to the most important numbers from Europe and the world for the second half of 2022.

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E-commerce Export magazine: Croatia

A growth rate double that of many Central European countries despite the much lower number of online stores – this is how we could start by summarising the Adriatic jewel of e-commerce – Croatia. Even though the customer base here is somewhat smaller than in other European countries, growing mobile penetration and trust in online shopping make Croatia an ideal country for exports. Sharpen your attention and think with us about the expansion to the south, particularly now, while entry costs to this market are still relatively low.

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E-commerce Export magazine: Romania

Forecasts of a favourable growth rate in the future, the fifth fastest Internet connection in the world and potential in almost every area of e-commerce. The Romanian market may seem moderately flooded at the moment, but it still offers many opportunities. Choose the largest country in the Balkans for your export, one that boasts, in addition to a unique space for growth, one of the highest levels of mobile phone penetration in the world. You’ll find all the important information you need to know before exporting to Romania in our blog.

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E-commerce export magazine – Slovenia

With high growth potential and low competition, the Slovenian e-commerce market is primarily dominated by local e-shops with dozens of products in various categories. Get an overview of all the important information you should know before you decide to export to Slovenia.

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Are you expanding abroad? Reach for th...

Whether you are creating a new e-shop or rebranding an existing one, take a moment to think about the ending of your domain. If you operate in Slovakia, you’ll probably reach for a local domain (.sk). But don’t forget that in a few years you may be expanding beyond the country’s borders, and a local domain will not be sufficient for you. So, which should you prefer?

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E-commerce Export magazine: Poland

Poland ranks among the countries with the fastest growing e-commerce market in Europe, though the pandemic has significantly affected the shopping habits of its customers. The most popular category is fashion, but all segments of e-commerce have high growth potential. In the next instalment of our export magazine, we bring you everything you need to know when planning to export to Poland; from basic data to payment gateway prices and current market trends.

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Get ready for Black Friday 2022 and ma...

The last Friday of November, also known as Black Friday, awaits us. This year it falls on 25th November. Black Friday has been gaining popularity in recent years and is an increasingly anticipated event not only in the B2C segment, but also in e-commerce. Don't waste time and prepare properly.

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The Influence of Brand on Performance...

This article came about in order to present evidence on why brand-building is very important for every brand.

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E-commerce Export Magazine: Hungary

Easy access to Internet devices, growth in monthly income and household consumption, higher trust in online sellers and payments. Due to all these factors, Hungary is the country with the highest e-commerce growth rate in its region. We focus on the opportunities that this market offers, as well as the risks that one must be careful about when exporting, in the new segment of our export magazine.

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