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  • Products
  • Consulting
  • A-team

Our values

  • Honesty, challenging assumptions
  • Rational, data-based arguments
  • Open discussion, democracy
  • Expertise, ambition, consequential
  • Good relations, long-term cooperation

Matej Karaba

Long-term Impact & Business Consultant

Matej Karaba works in the field of development, business consulting and the creation of long-term strategies for e-commerce projects such as NORTHFINDER.

Michal Lubelec

E-commerce Performance & Strategy Consultant

Michal Lubelec has several years of experience in performance marketing and campaign automation for large e-commerce players.

Marek Ďuračka

Business & Marketing Strategy Consultant

Marek Ďuračka is specialized in performance marketing on social media in e-commerce. He has supervised the growth of smaller Slovak e-shops into European players with yearly revenue 10 million euros.

Support the growth of your online store

Business Analytics

We will help you with planning, team-building, executive control, technological progress, expansion or logistics.

Business Consulting

We analyse your online project and identify its weak sides and opportunities. We then propose solutions.

Project Financing

We offer co-financing in conjunction with our know-how for small to medium e-commerce projects with high potential.

Invest in e-commerce

Evaluating Potential

We will evaluate the potential of a project, on the basis of which you will get an argument for/against investing in the project.

Definition of KPI, KPI Watchdog, Reporting

We take on the role of knowledgeable e-commerce supervisors on the investor’s side, and we set up and control everything necessary.

Co-Founders to Hire

For projects that require smart money in the field of e-commerce, we offer the opportunity of co-founding and participation in a project.



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Link building is not only about the number of links that point to your website. It is primarily about their quality and relevance. And despite the fact that many people undervalue link building, our SEO & Link Building Consultant, Lukáš Bundzák, and took a look at why pushing it to the sidelines as part of an SEO strategy is not a good idea. Learn more about how to approach your link building strategy so that it can start to deliver results.

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The little things in a UX design that...

User Experience (UX) has long been nothing new. If a customer feels comfortable on your website, you’re not only selling your product; you’re also building a sense of satisfaction and trust in your brand. Nowadays, however, UX is gradually being intertwined with other branches of online marketing, such as SEO. Our consultant, Janka Polláková, told us how she approaches in-depth UX analyses and which errors she comes across most often on websites.

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A broad overview of European marketpla...

Fifty countries, almost thirty different currencies and two hundred languages – this is how Europe can be summed up simply in numbers. Europe offers hundreds of marketplaces, making navigation among them challenging. This is exactly what our extensive blog will help with, as we shed light on the most important European marketplaces available. We also bring an overview of the most popular online marketplaces in individual European countries.

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Matej Karaba

Long-term Impact & Business Consultant

Michal Lubelec

E-commerce Performance & Strategy Consultant

Marek Ďuračka

Business & Marketing Strategy Consultant

  • Matej Karaba

    Long-term Impact & Business Consultant

  • Michal Lubelec

    E-commerce Performance & Strategy Consultant

  • Marek Ďuračka

    Business & Marketing Strategy Consultant

Matej is Long-term Impact & Business Consultant and will help you with:

  • Coverage of the marketing mix potential
  • Long-term sustainability
  • Development of a business strategy
  • Creativity in technology
  • Managing IT projects
  • UX/UI and SEO

Michal is Consultant for E-commerce Analytics and Measurement and will help you with:

  • data and analytics settings
  • bidding and budget planning
  • campaign automation

Marek is Social Media Consultant will help you with:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • ROI Hunter