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Detailed Instructions on How to Become a Successful Seller on Amazon


Are you hoping to move your product to the largest sales platform in Western Europe? Show your product to a mass audience and get as much as you can using Amazon. Find out how to break through on this ever-growing portal, whose annual European turnover is nearing 50 billion euros.

Each sales channel has its specifics. Amazon is an independent ecosystem on which millions of sellers have successfully established themselves: from inconspicuous start-ups or shops with generic products to the world’s largest brands with their bestsellers. And though it is difficult to be among them, it is not impossible. Understand your customers’ behaviour and needs and the Amazon algorithm and you can create a detailed strategy for success.

Amazon: A sophisticated player that dictates the rules

Amazon is a search portal which also serves as a sales platform, with annual revenues of more than 450 billion dollars. But honest product descriptions and user-friendly headlines aren’t enough if you want to sell on Amazon.

Almost everyone can use the platform, but not everyone understands its fundamental sales principles.

Particularly if you want to sell, be careful not to use the paid sales channel just to build brand awareness. It’s likely that no one wants to finance campaigns and then not see any sales results.

Amazon’s basic principles

Even though Amazon undergoes a major update every few years, it focuses on:

  • the customer and his or her needs,
  • offering good values,
  • recommending the most relevant results for customer searches.

In order to do this, it sets precise evaluation criteria, attributes with various weights, and other points, based on which it determines the optimal order of products in its search results.

Amazon will always try to offer products that will convince the customer to buy.

Organic positions are the key to success

The aim of optimising a listing of products sold on Amazon is not only to satisfy the individual evaluation criteria, but also to train the algorithm to consider your products as relevant.

If you make your own products, even if they are among the best, you will not convince Amazon of this, and you will fall into oblivion.

How to satisfy Amazon’s needs

For you to become a successful Amazon seller, you need to convince the platform (algorithm) of your qualities.

Being on Amazon is not enough. Your goal should be to achieve sales that will generate a significant profit.

The vicious circle of success

If you meet the evaluation criteria, you’ll satisfy the algorithm and get top rankings in searches – organic positions.

The overwhelming majority of conversions take place in organic positions. If conversions occur, Amazon will continue to display you on them.

Study the market

When setting your pricing policy and Amazon strategy, don’t just rely on superficial analysis. It’s not enough to know how many results are displayed in the search and in what price ranges the products move.

You’ll need to gain an overview of:

  • which products are productive,
  • which are less successful,
  • what is the potential of your product category,
  • how customers search for a given product,
  • whether there is still room for another seller in the category.

Specific analysis of the competition

Select 2–5 closest competing products and examine:

  • what Amazon thinks about them,
  • what phrases the seller sponsors, which are organic, and which are recommended by Amazon,
  • to whom they are shown,
  • who are their customers.

Create an Amazon-friendly listing

Based on the data obtained and previous analyses, it is necessary to create customised product listings. Optimize them with key phrases that are supported not only by customers, but also by Amazon itself, and create attractive visuals for customers.

Using specific tools, such as Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Viral Launch, AMZScout or SellerLabs, you can conduct an in-depth analysis of the Amazon market and also look through the listings of your competitors. You can then use the data obtained to set up your own listing or completely abandon a certain product.

Your task is from the first moment to battle for key organic positions for the relevant keywords.

Launching and creating campaigns

The launching of product listings and the creation of campaigns depend on the data acquired. Since many companies often lack such data, most businesses begin with automated campaigns with a broad scope.

Such campaigns, however, wildly spend the prepared budget within the first 4–8 weeks, unless the relevant targeting is filtered.

Thorough preparation with data and planning will serve to ensure that people do not needlessly lose a lot of money at the start.

Therefore, it is necessary:

  • to know to whom the campaigns are shown,
  • to monitor and thoughtfully place key performance phrases,
  • to track current and desired organic or sponsored positions,
  • to check the listings and make sure Amazon is indexing and recognising all the key phrases.

Rocket growth on Amazon with Opinest

For you to break through on Amazon, you’ll need to devote yourself to detailed preparation, analysis, data tracking, strategising, and evaluating results. Only in this way will you be able to use the potential offered by the sophisticated Amazon portal.

At Opinest, we rely on data and experience, thanks to which we can successfully grow with clients.

  1. On Amazon, we work and grow with clients who sell competing products – it’s difficult to break through with them.
  2. If the brand is primarily a manufacturer, we are the ideal partner for cooperation – the brand takes care of a sufficient number of products and we oversee the setting up, planning and evaluating of campaigns.
  3. We advise clients professionally about sales models that work on Amazon, and we inform them of the necessary expenses.
  4. If a client decides to sell through Amazon, we thoroughly analyse the market, products and niches and set budgets and a strategy.
  5. We modify product listings based on the data and information obtained.
  6. If we come across products that don’t seem to have what’s needed for success, we always inform the client about this.
  7. We cooperate with clients over the long-term; we manage listings and grow with the help of an artificial intelligence algorithm.

Assessing campaigns using artificial intelligence

Since data and analytics tell us what customers are buying and what products and keywords Amazon prefers, we create personalised campaigns that make good use of the prepared budget.

To verify the correctness of the created campaigns, we use automatic campaigns that tell us what Amazon thinks about product listings (and where it would display us if we didn’t provide it with any information).

Subsequently, using artificial intelligence, we monitor key positions on organic and sponsored results and set the desired rules for managing, optimising and growing campaigns.

We can thus automatically (and very specifically) increase budgets for successful products and reduce or move them with less successful ones.

Everyone has their own goals – some want to build brand awareness; others want to be placed in good positions, and still others need the highest possible turnover.

Use Amazon’s potential to your benefit

Amazon is a well-considered sales channel, but it works within its own rules. If you are experts in your segment and want to sell products on Amazon, put your trust in the hands of specialists.

We’ll keep your listings within budget and with the required performance parameters, and they will be profitable. Since we have practically unlimited possibilities regarding campaign management rules, we are able to create and adapt a strategy to almost any product or client’s wish.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and let your brand skyrocket on Amazon.

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